Chocolate Ice Pops


25 g Dark Chocolate
3 tablespoons Caster Sugar
1 tablespoon Corn Flour
1/2 tablespoon Cocoa Powder
300 ml Milk
1 knob Butter
1 Orange – zested
1/2 cup 100’s and 1000’s

– simmer the chocolate mix
Measure all of the ingredients except the 100’s and 1000’s into a small saucepan and whisk together.
Gently heat up, stirring occasionally, until simmering. Simmer for 2 minutes until thickens.
– freeze the mix
Divide into 6 ice lolly moulds (or use ice cube trays) and put into the freezer.
Insert wooden lolly sticks into the centre of each lolly after an hour in the freezer, when they have begun to freeze, so that it stands up straight.
Freeze for several hours.
– roll in toppings
Lay the 100’s and 1000’s on another.
Dunk the mould in warm water to ease out the lollies and while still slightly wet around the edges
roll them in either nuts or 100’s and 1000’s to stick.
– refreeze or serve!
Return them to a tray in the freezer until you want to serve them.
* Makes 16 ice cube sized lollies.