69 Salad Recipes

69 Salad Recipes

Salad Recipes to have on hand when deciding what to have on our summers day barbeque!

21 of the 69 Recipes in this eBook are:

– Apple and Cabbage Salad with Prawns

– Spiced Apple and Kale Salad

– Avocado Salad and Prawns

– Barbecue Prawns with Pear, Spinach, Blue Cheese and Pancetta Salad

– Beetroot, Red Lettuce and Apple Salad

– Classic Caesar Salad

– Low Fat Caesar Salad

– Chilli Prawn Salad

– Ham and Potato Salad

– Kohlrabi Salad and Chicken with Orange Dressing

– Lychee and Pawpaw Salad

– Mango Salad with Prawns

– Mediterranean Salad

– Noodle Salad Thai Style

– Potato and Smoked Salmon Salad

– Prawn Salad with Seafood Sauce

– Roasted Vegetable and Cheddar Salad

– Seafood Pasta Salad

– Sticky Candied Ham Salad

– Sweet Slaw

– Zucchini and Caper Salad

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