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101 Helpful Food Cut Back Tips

101 Helpful Food Cut Back Tips

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Even on a diet, still enjoy foods that you consider your favourites.

1. Getting started on a diet.

11. Eat only if you are really hungry.

21. Eat slower.

31. Go organic.

41. Cut your cravings for chocolates.

51. Think positive.

61. Take personal pictures of yourself.

71. Use cinnamon on yoghurt.

81. Eating BBQ.

If you like to eat meat, especially during the weekends, then you should eat more barbeque.
When you barbeque meat, you would actually be burning off more of its fat content, while you are cooking it.
Thus, it is time to fire up your barbeque grill, so that you can enjoy your favourite meat without having to worry about getting fat.

91. Eat oranges.

101. Understanding portion sizes better.

When you eat small amounts of your favourite foods, you would not feel that your diet is too difficult to keep up with.